Davi Röhe Rodrigues (RTD-a)


Davi Röhe Rodrigues

Assistant Professor RTD-a


SSD: ING-IND/31 – Elettrotecnica


The research activity is focused on the proposal of nanodevices in the field of spintronics. Spintronic offers promising solution for high-efficiency and inexpensive devices based on magnetization dynamics. The substantial advancement of the field is supported by fundamental breakthroughs and compatibility with current CMOS manufacturing processes. In particular, the research focus on the manipulation of magnetic configurations by electric currents, magnetic fields, and thermal effects, for proposing devices that exploit the non-linear response for application in nanoelectronic circuits and non-conventional computing devices. The research covers a broad range of magnetic materials such as ferromagnets, collinear antiferromagnets and non-collinear antiferromagnets. Among the magnetic textures of interest are skyrmions and domain walls, which are nanosized localized objects with dynamics in the (THz) GHz range in (anti-)ferromagnets and requires low-input for their manipulation. My most recent works have shown how to manipulate topological with electrical currents and how to exploit their non-linear response.