Mario Carpentieri

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Curriculum Vitae

Mario Carpentieri

Full Professor


ING-IND/31 – Elettrotecnica


Corso di Laurea in Ingegneria dei Sistemi Medicali – Principi ed applicazioni di ingegneria elettrica\1° modulo

Corso di Laurea in Ingegneria Elettronica e delle Telecomunicazioni – Fondamenti di Teoria dei Circuiti


The research activity is focused on the study of magnetic nanodevices through the development and use of numerical analysis techniques. Spintronics was initially born with the aim of creating passive devices based on the GMR effect, such as MRAM (Magnetic Random Access Memory), sensors and switches. In the field of spintronics and nanomagnetism, research contributions include the pioneering demonstration of the inversion of the magnetization of nanostructured devices, the ability to excite magnetic structures at the nanometer scale through persistent oscillations at microwave frequencies. The research is currently focusing on the study of the high-sensitivity spintronic diode effect, antiferromagnetic devices for applications at terahertz frequencies and hybrid CMOS/MTJ structures for application as non-volatile memory. In the last period, the MTJ device has also been studied to be used as a low power amplifier, in the  field of security as Physical Unclonable Functions and for in-memory computing devices. Current research is also including the study of spintronic devices based on antiferromagnetic and ferrimagnetic materials.


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