Guido Maione

Phone: +39 080 596 3247


Ricevimento: lunedì 15:30-17:30 e martedì 09:30-11:30

Guido Maione

Associate Professor




  • Control Systems – 9 credits in the ECTS – Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering – 3rd year
  • Digital Control – 6 credits in the ECTS – Master degree in Electrical Engineering – 1st year
  • Non-integer order systems and controllers – 2 credits in the ECTS – Doctoral School of Politecnico di Bari (2021-2022)


  • Fractional-order controllers, non-integer-order controllers, fractional-order PID controllers, fractional-order modeling
  • Automotive systems: modeling and control of automotive engines (injection systems, electro-injectors, etc.)
  • Machine learning and robot applications in agriculture and food industry
  • Fault detection and identification, control of electrical drives
  • Industrial automation, manufacturing systems, industry 4.0, logistics and transport systems, critical systems

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